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Why citizenship for immigrants in the US is a huge opportunity

For the past four years, Donald Trump’s immigration plans were primarily to exclude undocumented migrants from gaining American citizenship. However, Joseph Biden, the new President of the United States, is set to change Trump’s immigration policies which have been described as “deeply inhumane” by administration officials.

In an inspiring new stance for America, Biden plans to give 11 million undocumented migrants the opportunity to become legal citizens of the United States for the first time since Trump gained power in 2016. This will allow those that have been forced to flee their country, a chance at a new life for themselves and their families, as they gain the right to live in the States.

When discussing the topic of immigration, it’s important that an empathetic view is considered, as to why people often people have no choice but to escape their home countries. Many refugees come from crisis such as extreme poverty and in many circumstances, live amongst war zones with their families and often young children that need protecting.

The refugees that travel to America in the search for safety and a new life, aren’t travelling by plane, car, or limousine. They’re escaping their countries in small boats across the ocean. The boats are crammed to each edge with bodies of other desperate people who are looking for any chance of a better life they can find. They make this dangerous journey, often without life jackets, no matter what weather conditions, just so that they can provide for their families and put food on the table.

The opportunity for 11 million immigrants to seek American citizenship is monumental, simply because it is life changing. Families that have come from extreme deprivation will be given the chance to work and gain a fair income, and young people will have the opportunity of education and to learn a trade. These are some of the thing’s refugees have dreamt about their entire lives, though to us they aren’t thought of as luxuries.

Through citizenship, refugees are given the chance to learn a new language and explore western culture, to become a part of the community. In America, refugees are given their right to live freely and peacefully, to raise their children in safe and loving environments, as children should be raised.

When considering America as a whole, it’s also important to consider the benefits immigration will bring to the country. As communities become more familiar with one another, racism will be challenged and in return, diversity will become more accepted, as Biden sets the example for the rest of the country. When asylum seekers are given the chance to live in American communities, it is encouraging for prejudices against asylum seekers to be reconsidered and people will be more open to welcoming new people into America, having knowledge of what unimaginable conditions people are coming from.

Immigrants are humans, living people, who like you and I, just want to live happy and peaceful lives.

Not only will Biden’s plans for 11 million migrants to gain American citizenship impact the US, but it will also impact rest of the world due to Americas colossal political influence. If change is happening in America, it won’t be long before similar change is introduced into the UK, as British people take much guidance and influence from the events which go on in the US, as it is arguably the most powerful and influential country in the world.

Once immigrants in America are liberated with the same human rights as legal residents, particularly the right to life, liberty and security, it will truly help determine the way immigrants are viewed and treated across the world. People will realise that refugees just want to be able to live with their entitled rights, and why shouldn’t they?

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